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Who Is Krampus? Explaining the Horrific Christmas Devil

Really? Nat Geo? When did satyrs and fauns become demonic except in your overheated inmagination. He’s only demonic to the zombie Jesus worshippers.

Man Pilfers $370K From Girl Scouts – Los Angeles, CA


I have a terrible feeling I’m getting sick. This is really not good since I have to lead carols Saturday night and I’m supposed to be Elen – Goddess of the Green Way in our Elen Yule ritual. I have an earache that is cranking up the painfulness by the hour and I may be trying to find a heating pad at lunch. That’s what my mom used as a kid when I’d get them. I’ve been drinking hot tea all morning and it’s taken the edge off but now my throat is starting to get sore too. I feel like crap and I’m hoping I don’t run out of vitamin C which can usually ward off disaster if I take enough.

I know I’m getting sick when I start craving, hot jello, milk shakes and soup and I’m wanting all of the above, Crap! And I’m still at work.