The Hobbit – A disappointment of Smaug

I saw the Desolation of Smaug this weekend and as in the first one any resemblance between the movie and the book is purely coincidental. If I don’t try to put it in Hobbit context I liked the movie but when I do, it makes me cringe.

There is no love story in the Hobbit and (SPOILER) Kili and Fili die on the Lonely Mountain as do most of the rest of the dwarves although if you have read LOTR you know that Balan dies in Moria. So no love story especially since Peter Jackson et all made Tauriel up and if Legolas was in the book it was not by name but it does say in LOTR he is the son of the king of Mirkwood.

There are no ORCS in the Hobbit. The bad guys in the Hobbit are the MIrkwood Elves and the damn spiders and the wargs. Peter Jackson doesn’t seem to have the intestinal fortitude to see the Mirkwood elves as bad. And the king Thranduil is really, really nasty in the book. The hospitality the dwarves receive is definitely not the Hilton because elves hate the dwarves big time.

Their time in the MIrkwood left them injured and starving and almost dead in the book. Funny, how they look pretty hardy here. And Bombur had to be carried because the big greedy dummy drank from a river that put him to sleep that they were told not to drink from.

The barrels were sealed shut in the book and they were very seasick but I guess making them able to fight back is more visually satisfying again, NO ORCS! The people trying to kill them were the Mirkwood elves not the orcs when they escaped.

At least this time it wasn’t the Thorin Oakenshield show and Bilbo was able to shine and be the focus, it is called the HOBBIT after all.

Beorn has a beautiful house in the book that Tolkien describes in great detail and it was something that I had been looking forward to and was disappointed. It should not have looked like an badly kept stable and by the way, his ponies are sentient in the books not just transportation but about what I expected after his treatment of the eagles and the wargs.

I did like Smaug a lot but thought he should have been more brilliantly red and gold. Benedict Cumberbatch has a suitably scary voice.

If you read the book you know that Radogast is Gandalf’s brother and is mentioned as is the Necromancer exactly once in the Hobbit so what you are really watching is a prequel for the Lord of the Rings and not a movie about Bilbo the Hobbit and his marvelous journey with the 13 dwarves.

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