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Elen song – so I know where to find it for ritual

Elen of the Way” (to the tune of “Greensleeves”)

Oh Mistress of the wild green woods

Oh Lady of the old straight track

You have been hidden for so long

Tonight we call you to come back!


Green Lady, hear our song

GreenWoman, join in our dance

Star of Elen, shine on us

We seek the way of Elen

Oh Empress of the Crossroads

Shamanka of the Reindeer

We haven’t seen you for so long

Tonight we call you to come near!


Oh Venus of the British Isles

Oh Lady Sovereignity

Elen shining gossamer

Reveal to us your mystery!


Guitar solo for the 4th verse

(Final chorus)

Green Lady is all our joy

Greenwoman is our delight

Green Elen our anthem sweet

And who but the Lady Elen

The Lesbian Rule

Feminist Philosophers

Last week my wonderful friend S told me about The Lesbian Rule. Not what you’re thinking! And yet something of great philosophical interest, and with a name we should all be using! It was apparently a nifty device developed on Lesbos.

From Wikipedia (but trust it– S knows his Aristotle, and it’s just what he said!):

A lesbian rule was historically a flexible mason’s rule made of lead that could be bent to the curves of a molding, and used to measure or reproduce irregular curves.
The rule is alluded to by Aristotle in his Nicomachean Ethics (bk V, ch. 10) as a metaphor for the importance of flexibility in equitable justice: “For what is itself indefinite can only be measured by an indefinite standard, like the leaden rule used by Lesbian builders; just as that rule is not rigid but can be bent to the shape of the stone…

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