Archive | December 3, 2013

strange dreams

I have several places that are not real on this plane (that I know of) that regularly appear in my dreams. Some of them have a resemblance to a real place but are radically changed in some way. One of them is a version of the first camp I ever worked at up in Idylwild.

Always before my favourite or usual place to live is a large cabin in an outpost of the camp. It is against a basalt wall that appears to have no opening but it does to a whole other place that changes. The cabin is also by a large stream and is surrounded by a huge meadow and oak trees and depending on the dream may or may not have kids there.

Last night I arrived there and someone ( I never saw anyone) was mining the wall with heavy equipment surrounded by a high chain link fence and the stream had been penned in by an LA like flood control channel also topped with chain link and razor wire.

The landscape was devoid of animals, no birds and no people. It hurt my heart and made me wonder what the hell I was thinking when I set to allow someone in my dream to destroy my peace. My reading was mourning this morning and I’m wondering if it’s because it’s the holiday season which isn’t as fun anymore since we have very little family left and I’ve lost friends this year. Have to think about this. It’s either that or something to do with my surveys and the way they are going. There is a huge disconnect between the two world views.