I need to figure out what I have been doing in the night. Monday morning I woke up sore like I had been working out and that included my inner quads which ached like I had been horseback riding or cycling. I used to walk in my sleep as a kid and I know I walked when I was at camp a couple of times.

As a child I woke up in the back seat of the car in a locked garage and my parents knew they had put me to bed. There was no explanation for how I got there, I just was. I think I was 5 or 6.

When I lived alone I have no idea if I walked at night. There were mornings I woke up sore but who knows since there was no one to see.

My sister says she doesn’t know if I walked during the night. She hasn’t seen or heard me. So how the heck did I wake up so sore? I’m still sore today. What was I doing?

4 thoughts on “Mystery

  1. Do you take sleep meds like Ambien? It can make you do wacky things in your sleep and leave you with no memory of anything; sleep-eating, sleep-walking, I’ve even heard stories of people sleep-driving….I have to make sure I’m in bed ready to close my eyes before I take Ambien, if I take it too early I wind up eating anything in sight 😀


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