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Why Does Isis Have Wings?


Or perhaps it would be more accurate to ask why images of Isis have wings. As a Goddess, Isis takes whatever form She likes, of course. So the question is, what do the wings mean to us that makes them important in images of Her?

The first and easiest answer is that Isis is a Bird Goddess. Her most important sacred animal is a bird of prey. The Goddess often takes the form of Her sacred raptor; the kestrel (the most common falcon in Egypt) or the black kite.

In Egyptian art, when Isis and Nephthys are not shown as women, They are shown in full bird-form or sometimes as woman-headed kites or kestrels sitting or hovering by the bier of Osiris. As birds, Isis and Nephthys mourn Osiris, screeching Their shrill bird cries to express Their sorrow. Even quite late, Isis and Nephthys were shown with wings attached…

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Results so far

I’m finding some interesting things out with my survey. Most lesbians so far have felt some discrimination at a pagan event but not one single person on the other survey thinks they have discriminated. I can think of two reasons for that one. One, that they are oblivious that what is being said can be interpreted as discrimination. Or Two, they don’t like to admit having said something may have been a discriminatory remark. Personally I think it’s the first one most of the time but we will see.

Another thing that has been eye opening is that straight women don’t see women only space as for women born women but almost every lesbian has so far said, that women born women only is important for 3 main reasons, cannot participate in Maiden, Mother Crone life stages, Assertion or assumption of male privilege, and 57. % said because they haven’t had the same shared experience like menstruation.

Almost every lesbian as said they rank very low on the scale of importance in the community and not one straight woman has thought lesbians were marginalized or low ranking on the totem pole.

I have to admit I’m getting a kick from having asked when they came out as a heterosexual.

We’ll see if the answers stay the same as this goes on