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25 questions

Since I used to teach Wicca 101 for many years I thought I’d give it a go.

1. What Do You Call Yourself?  Wiccan Druid

2. Using Common Terms, Describe Your Path: Not sure that is possible in a small space.

3. Do You Draw from a Particular Path, Not Your Own, Frequently?:  No

4. Any Path Intimidate You?: No, why would any path be intimidating? Read about it if you are.

5. Favorite Herb: rosemary, roses lavendar, lilac, lemon
Seriously? I’m a Gemini and a botanist

6. Favorite Gemstone: rainbow moonstone

7. Favorite Divination Tool: faery oracle and the Greenwood tarot

8. Favorite Tools: my hands and my smithing tools

9. Favorite Sabat: Samhain & Brighid

10. Favorite Season: Spring & Fall

11. Favorite Pagan Book:  Don’t have just one. See my druid reading list

12. Favorite Book with Pagan Themes:  Lord of the Rings, the Darkover books

13. Favorite Myth: BunniHoTep

14. Patron God/dess: Don’t care for the term ‘patron’ prefer personal: Brighid, Kwan Yin, Hecate, & Green Man

15. Other Aligned Deities:

16. Favorite ‘Pagan’ Saying: The one I invented for my blog. “Turning people into toads is usually redundant.”

17. Most Commonly Used Offering: milk & honey

18. Believe in the Rede?: Yes, seen it work too damn many times.

19. Meditate?: walking

20. Magic?: of course, life = magic

21. If Yes to 20, Dark Witchcraft, Light Witchcraft, or In-between?: There is no such thing.

22. In or Out of the Broomcloset?: yes,  for 30 years

23. Solitary or Coven Member: both and good practioner is always and ever a solitary even when in a coven or don’t bother.

24. What Forms of Social Media Do You Use as a Pagan?: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress,  live journal, occasionally if I can stand the stupidity, Tumblr.

25. If I Wasn’t Pagan/Wiccan, I Would Be…: I wouldn’t.

From this lovely blog:

Current Pagan Studies Conference – Lesbiphobia in the Pagan Community

This is the survey for all you folks that are not lesbians. Please fill it out as honestly as possible. They are anonymous, really, I promise.

I will be presenting my paper at the 10th Current Pagan Studies Conference at Claremont Graduate School – February 2014.

I know that some Lesbians feel they have been discriminated against but I don’t know if the rest of the community feels that they have done or seen any discrimination. I know past Pantheacons and Women’s Music Festivals and other Feminist oriented events have had those allegations made by both sides and I wanted to see what is true at least for now.