Archive | November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving song

Thanksgiving Eve

Words & Music by Bob Franke

It’s so easy to dream of the days gone by
It’s a hard thing to think of the times to come
But the grace to accept ev’ry moment as a gift
Is a gift that is given to some


What can you do with your days but work & hope
Let your dreams bind your work to your play
What can you do with each moment of your life
But love til you’ve loved it away
Love til you’ve loved it away

There are sorrows enough for the whole world’s end
There are no guarantees but the grave
And the life that I live & the time I have spent
Are a treasure too precious to save

As it was so it is, as it is shall it be
And it shall be while lips that kiss have breath
Many waters indeed only nurture Love’s seed
And its flower overshadows the power of death

About that stupid “Don’t shop on Thankgiving” meme

I got in a battle last night on FB and it’s still making me so mad I ended up unfriending someone. There are a lot of people posting about not shopping on Thanksgiving and that’s fine and a righteous idea IF everyone in the world was paying a fair wage but this is the real world and that doesn’t happen.

The sad fact is that Target and probably Walmart hires a lot of temporary workers for the holidays and then turns around and cuts their regular employees hours down. My sister was cut to 14 hours one week out of forty hours. This means by the time Thanksgiving comes around they have to work on Thanksgiving just to pay the rent. The corollary to that is if people don’t shop on Thanksgiving and the store doesn’t make its quota then the store in turn cuts hours again.

So it’s very nice to say, “oh, I’m not going to shop because the workers should get to stay at home with their families.” Think about it. That is day without pay in a season where it’s nice to have extra money not less.

The reality is someone has to work and people have always been working on a holiday. Did you get gas before you hopped on the road to Grandma’s? Run to the store when you ran out of eggs? Someone was working so you could. Someone was stocking the shelves that day even in a store not open so they could be ready for the onslaught the next day. Some police officer or nurse or doctor was on duty in case you got hurt. The world did not stop so you could have your middle class dream of a big meal and football. And for that matter the football team, the refs and umpires and stadium personnel and TV crew were working too so you could stare at the boob tube.

So think about it next time you think it would be a nice idea for employees to be off for Thanksgiving because those same people will be at work so you can rush the doors the day after Christmas. And they probably were at work at four the afternoon before.