Living in wonder

I try to live in a state of awe and wonder. That is my main spiritual tenet. I find that lets me approach the world with an open heart. This is not always easy to do but it enables me and demands I notice the mockingbird singing it’s heart out at 5am on a season that is not usually conducive to mating. He’s a little late but still he’s out there singing.

It enables me to notice on my walk to the bus the bending, swishing heads on the ornamental grasses on the way to the bus. It enables me to forget that if I’m not standing or walking my back doesn’t hurt as much. It enables me to forget that most days I seem to have a sign on me while riding on the bus that says, “Sit next to her and fart.” (especially if it’s going to be silent but deadly).

It lets me appreciate the changing view out my window and still accomplish my assigned set of tasks and not be bored.

I try to see the world as new every moment and that there is always something new to be curious about. That there is always something to ask “why?” about.

That to me is the essence of being a pagan/witch/druid. If you aren’t curious and aware, what is the point if you aren’t doing your best to notice what is around you? Even in the middle of downtown grass will fight through a sidewalk and a pigeon will be somewhere around.

So are you living in wonder or are you wondering why you are living?