Archive | November 5, 2013

An evening prayer

Lavender and deep violet veil the mountains as night falls.
A benediction on a day of work
Spirits ease as shadows fall
As muscles relax
As birds settle in for the night murmuring to themselves
As a cricket scrapes slowly in a low chirp
As breezes calm and night gently falls
As petals fold in to the flowers for protection as the sun sets
May we be ready to rest
To breathe deeply
To release the sigh of care from a tiring day
We watch the cat stretch and we relax some more
We ask for peace through the night
We ask for untroubled sleep
We give thanks for passing through another day
We breathe out and ask for strength for the next day
We ask for the will to meet it with a calm face
We ask for peace.



I got a digital picture frame for work and they recommend when you buy it either a 4gig sd card or a USB flash drive. There is only one problem with this. The damn thing only will show 334 photos, no matter how many you put on the drive. I even tried putting the Photos in 3 folders and you can try and select the folder but it just reverts to the first hundred or so from each folder. It’s really annoying. It’s fine if you are setting it up for tech challenged grandma but if you have a lot of photos, such as enough to fill a 4 gig drive, its just bloody stupid and of course I loaded it full. Really annoyed right now. Plus it’s only a 7 inch and now I find myself craving the 10 inch. What’s a photographer to do?

The neighbors from hell just moved in to our building. Our building only has 5 units and other than the crazy lady who lived in number 4 and finally died two years ago the building is quiet and nice and just the way we like it. Until the two new people moved in who either have no manners or just moved out of their parent’s house and think their mother lives here.

The first day after they moved in I found a pile of cigarette butts just sitting in the middle of the walkway not even snuffed out, just dropped there in a pile and only smoked halfway. Nobody smokes in this building. So I helpfully picked them up and decorated the windshield of their car with them. They also have a small dog. Number 1 (us) and Number 2 (the only other apt on the ground floor) have a private walkway to the carports. It’s the only way we can get there without going completely outside the security fence and down the driveway. I came out in the morning and there were several piles of poop from their dog which is now the only dog in the building. So I told the manager who was not happy.

The night before the female of the pair had come down our private walkway and looked in our window and tried to get into our private garden. The garden belongs to our apt only and I’m thinking she thought she could go in and let her dog poop and not have to clean it up. The problem with that is there are two gates and both are the gates directly into our town house and we are the only one with the keys. The garden runs across the whole front of the building and is our only exit, so no we don’t share.

Each apt has some unique thing about it. We are the only two bedroom and the only one with a garden. Number 2 has 3 bedrooms and a fireplace. Number 3 is a single and has a teeny tiny balcony and is on the 2nd floor. The only problem with that balcony is that if you speak on the phone or to another person it echoes down the driveway and into the bedrooms of 1, 2, and 4. In the first 3 days they had loud conversations either on the phone at 1 am, 3 am and when I finally told them to be quiet, 4:54 am. So they were quite gleeful to report me for telling them to be quiet to the manager next door. They didn’t mention what time it was so that kind of backfired on them. They also don’t seem to sleep. The last two nights they are either practicing dancing or they have hooked up a WII or other game that involves lots of floor pounding at 1 am and playing until my sister gets up for work at 4:30 am. I am not happy. I like to sleep and they are like living next to kangaroos.

There are places here in LA that I’m drawn to again and again just to absorb their energy. Some calm me down and some are energizing. Some are a mixture of both. I think almost every camp I’ve ever worked at has those kinds of energies. I don’t know if the people that planned the camps clued in and made their camp in those kinds of places or if the energies of being used as camps make them those sorts of places or a mixture of both. Most have been positive but I do one major negative one, that bad things seem to attracted to it. I spent parts of 3 summers there and got poisoned and ended up in the ER, struck by lightning and got pneumonia and I swear when I was asst camp director more staff were injured in weird accidents than any other camp I ever worked at. Walking around it at night used to give me the willies and I love to walk in the woods at night with no flashlight.

So I’m thinking of doing some energy work at some of the places just as an experiment, maybe starting in Sepulveda or Arcadia Wilderness Park, we’ll see.