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Eight of Stones

The ability to utilize natural ability for the completion of labours of love. Sometimes intense concentration and dedication are required.

This card represents someone who is able to work alone, in deep concentration, skilled and mature, in tune with something greater than themselves.

The completion of a large project.

Light the Night walk for Blood Cancers

Saturday Night I did the Light the Night walk and for a shy person it’s always a trial to do that sort of thing because I knew no one else there. I hadn’t even met the people on the team from work before. Being me I arrived ahead of time and since I take November 1st as a holiday every year I missed the email saying we were meeting at 6:45 which was 15 minutes before the start. So I was a wee bit early.

Because I had raised over a hundred dollars I got the tshirt and the illuminated balloon to carry. It’s kind of strange to me that you call the walk Light the Night but you only get to light the night with your balloon if you raised over a $100 bucks. The idea of the lighted balloon was great in theory but not so much in practice because the lights were pretty dim and didn’t want to stay lit but it was still pretty with all the shiny balloons. You got a red one if you were a supporter, a white one if you were a survivor and a gold one if you were walking in memory of someone. I had a gold one for Laura. It seemed appropriate since her goddesses were Amaterasu and Isis both of whom are golden goddesses in their own ways. And I suppose Brighid, too since she was a Flamekeeper.

It was nice to walk at night. It was cool and a perfect fall night to walk under trees in the park and down the streets. They must have cleaned out every middle school and high school cheer and per squad because they lined the whole walk and after awhile us middle aged walkers just wanted them to cool their jets since they had a tendency to be standing in the dark and start yelling out of the blue. Obscene to have that much energy, LOL!

People had brought their kids and their dogs on the walk which was nice. I didn’t see one badly behaved dog and most of the children were pretty well behaved too. There were even some famous faces in the crowd so that was kind of fun also.

I used my cane because I knew it was going to be rough ground in the park but I needed it more since they haven’t been repairing the sidewalks in Woodland Hills that the roots bring up and we were walking where streetlights were a bit sparse. I ended up using it as a kind of blind cane as well as support. I thought I’d forgotten how to do that but I guess not because more than once I found a hole or other unevenness in the ground by using the cane so I wouldn’t land on my keester.

They had also given us $5 coupons to use at the Food Trucks they had brought in. I’m glad I didn’t count on that for my dinner since $5 at a gourmet Food Truck buys only the cheapest thing on the truck and nothing else. I didn’t end up using mine. I think it’s still in the back pocket of my jeans.

I ended up raising over $300 they told me when I checked in which is not what it shows on my page but I don’t care because it wasn’t for me. It was for people who had the same thing that killed Laura. It was sad to see many more gold balloons that white ones on the walk because you knew that every gold balloon was someone that was loved and was lost.

I’m not sure how far we walked and that’s probably a good thing. It reminded me of when I took the kids on moonlight hikes so they wouldn’t notice the switchbacks and bitch about it. It was fun and I felt good to do it and I will probably do it again next year but I hope to have company next year.