Using Kheperu to commune with Isis


After last week’s excursion into some Isis hymnlets from the priest Hor, let’s get back to Kheperu, “Forms” or “Transformations.”

This time, I’d like to give you one exercise to try it out for yourself. When properly done,  Kheperu puts the priestess or priest in touch with a deeper wisdom that should serve as guide in any act of magic, mundane or spiritual. It means no more—and no less—than placing the Divine part of yourself in contact with a greater Divine power, in this case, Isis. The potential that this offers for spiritual development as well as for practical magic is immense.

People differ in what they believe a Kheperu or—as it is usually known in modern ceremonial magic—a God/dessform is. Some consider a Kheper to be a purely human psychological construct. Some consider the imaginal form to reflect an archetype, which in turn, reflects a Divine Being or reality…

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