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I have a Fire in the Head

I have a Fire in the Head

Yes, as in Yeats’ poem. I came home from the Convocation at Isis Oasis with a brainstorm. There is no Convocation for the Druid Clan of Dana. I asked Linda Iles and it appears they have never done one and as far as I know there has also been no gathering of all the kinds of Druids in So Cal at all. I know that most of the OBOD types seem to be solitary. I know we have ADF groves and protogroves out here. For all I know there are some Druid Network people since they are probably solitary like the OBOD folks since you can join and take their courses on line.

So, I want to put one on. I think the first year it should be a one day event in a park somewhere that has a wilderness area or wildlife refuge nearby. I know you can rent the facilities in Arcadia Wilderness Park for about $100 for over 20 people and hopefully, there would be more than 20 people. Same with the picnic area/amphitheater next to the Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge. If it goes well I already checked into renting my old camp that is in Wrightwood. For over 80 people it’s $56 a night which includes 3 meals and access to the pool, climbing wall and canoeing at Jackson Lake. That isn’t bad at all but it would be no alcohol or drugs, but if you can’t have a good time without alcohol you aren’t much of a Druid if you ask me. They have no cell reception but they do have wi-fi and flush toilets and electricity and there are accessible cabins for people with mobility problems.

I’ve run all kinds of events for Girl Scouts, one day events, camp outs and been a Camp Director I can do this if I can get a gang to help me, of the Grove. Duh. This could be fun.

So, one day of workshops and other things of interest like a Nature walk? I think we can get people to lead workshops if they get in free at least to get it off the ground or the appeal of meeting other druids in the area, I hope.

I need to keep the costs down, in case a lot of this is coming to come out of pocket to start. I may have to get group insurance too. Yipes, good thing this is connected to FOI so 5013c is taken care of in CA, I think.

So if you were going to a Druidic day what would you like to have a workshop on? Herbs and Plants, The Ogham, Inspiration for Bards, Spirit of Place for Californians and how do you find it? Any ideas?

And should I do this in spring or wait until summer. To many ideas burning through my brain.

I have a Fire in the Head…

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Four of Cups

Lethargy or laziness, locking an individual in a cycle of wasted energy, while all around is the source of inspiration, there for the taking. … apathy… lethargy…, being unaware of the bounty of life around.

Being shut indoors, bore and unstimulated. Pent up frustration. Need to get out into the world.