The Seven Selves

The Seven Selves by Laura Janesdaughter Based on the Seven Shrines at Abydos – October 20th

One of me lives in the woods by myself. I spend my days watching everything that happens around me.

One of me lives by the ocean – I watch the waves all day. Sometimes I “dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free” and rattling my sistrum in the other hand. Sometimes I stand in the sand at the water’s edge and let my feet be buried in the sand.

One of me lives in Bubastis where I am one of the Priestesses whose job it is to sweep the floors free of cat dung an strew the floors with straw and herbs. I also shake my sistrum and carry platters of fruit to the Goddess and I dance.

One of me lives in the ocean. I am a mermaid. I sun myself on the rocks and dive into the clear waters to cool off. I live on kelp and other sea plants. Sometimes my sisters and I sing to the passing whales.

One of me lives on an island with a beautiful Temple to the Goddess. The shores are meadows with red poppies and wild flowers. I am Priestess and it is my task to admire the beauty of the ocean and the moon.

One of me lives by the Blue Heron River. I listen to the rustle of the wind in the pines, watch spider webs dazzle in the sun, and gasp at the beauty of the Heron. At night I watch the Moon through the trees.

One of me lives on Sirius where I am stardust walking.