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The Seven Selves

The Seven Selves by Laura Janesdaughter Based on the Seven Shrines at Abydos – October 20th

One of me lives in the woods by myself. I spend my days watching everything that happens around me.

One of me lives by the ocean – I watch the waves all day. Sometimes I “dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free” and rattling my sistrum in the other hand. Sometimes I stand in the sand at the water’s edge and let my feet be buried in the sand.

One of me lives in Bubastis where I am one of the Priestesses whose job it is to sweep the floors free of cat dung an strew the floors with straw and herbs. I also shake my sistrum and carry platters of fruit to the Goddess and I dance.

One of me lives in the ocean. I am a mermaid. I sun myself on the rocks and dive into the clear waters to cool off. I live on kelp and other sea plants. Sometimes my sisters and I sing to the passing whales.

One of me lives on an island with a beautiful Temple to the Goddess. The shores are meadows with red poppies and wild flowers. I am Priestess and it is my task to admire the beauty of the ocean and the moon.

One of me lives by the Blue Heron River. I listen to the rustle of the wind in the pines, watch spider webs dazzle in the sun, and gasp at the beauty of the Heron. At night I watch the Moon through the trees.

One of me lives on Sirius where I am stardust walking.

What 19th Amendment?

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It’s a trend lately, that if a party is afraid of losing an election, they pass legislation barring key groups in their opponents’ base from voting. And clearly, it’s something Texas has taken to heart. Right after Wendy Davis declared that she was running for governor, Texas Republicans set out to disenfranchise women from voting, 19th Amendment be damned.

And the way they’re keeping ladies out of the voting booth it is a doozy.

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