Say my name that I may live!

For 9/11 Laura got the idea for a memorial to those who died that day and the story is here:—say-my-name-that-i-may-live

Say my name that I may live! Was an ancient Egyptian petition to remember those who had passed on to the next world. The last two weeks I’ve have been saying it every time I thought of Laura. It something simple but when you say it seems to being the person closer. It’s the end of the year for those who practice the Gaelic/Celtic paths and the Gaels remembered their dead at this time of year. Not every culture does it at this time of year whatever that idiot that has been writing about generalizations of polytheists think. The Japanese for one, have a festival in July and the Romans did it in the month they considered unlucky, February.

But back to my point, pagans do tend to ancestor and dead remembrance this time of year, saying their names can’t hurt. “Say my name that I may live!