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Another Sister Lost To The Madness


I was at the store the other day when I heard one of the most heartbreaking things that a dyke can hear one of her sisters say. It was a convenience store, so when we all stood in line and were then waited on, we were all side-by-side facing the 2 clerks behind the counter. When I got up to the counter, this young butch dyke who was helping me was talking to a young gay man (customer) next to me. I would guess they were both around 20 years old. The young dyke was saying that she didn’t know how to tell her mom something, which being gay, made my ears perk because hey, we’ve all been there, right?

Then she says that her mom already knows she is a “lesbian” (she used air quotes there), but that she wasn’t a lesbian, she was “trans” and “wanted to live…

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Road Trip Part 1

I did the Road Trip this weekend and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Diana and I went up to Isis Oasis on Friday or at least headed in that direction. We stayed at a Motel 6 in Santa Rosa that could use some rehab in the bathroom dept. Maybe it was because we were pagans but the shower only had 2 speeds. Oh my Goddess, I’m in Hell hot and Oh Shit, Hell has frozen over and nothing in between and when you finally got it to stay at a tolerable grade of hot it would spontaneously change to cold. Mind you it was mid hair rinse and the noise I made made Diana laugh when she heard it.

The drive up the 5 is usually terminally boring but we never really noticed we were talking so much. The 5 is a lot like driving through Kansas I’ve heard. Mostly flat with either low golden brown hills and lone oaks or crops like cotton, corn or orchards of peaches, walnuts, pistachios and almonds with scattered citrus. We had one of my goddess music cds in and just barely noticed that is was repeating. We stopped at a 7/11 rest area and we could have gotten lost in there. There was stuff I’d never seen in a 7/11 and a lot of local things like the nuts. Very Cool!

We safaried the rest of the way up to Santa Rosa and checked in, went to dinner and since it was really cold and not what the weather report had said it would be we ended up on a shopping spree at that elegant French dept store Target’ and buying warm pajamas and Diana got a really pretty aqua/teal sweater.

The next morning we got tortured by the shower and were off to Isis Oasis and the Convocation. We wanted to be there before Linda Iles’ workshop on Bast. She just published a wonderful book after 12 years of research and she had so much left over she is presently writing one on Bast rituals. Amazon has it here if you are interested. I liked the workshop a lot. Her focus in the talk was Bast’s relationship to Isis and Osiris and I should have taken notes but I was enjoying it and the warm sunlight in the room too much to take notes. The Kat in my name does not refer to the animal but I have some really cat-like tendencies including the urge to curl up in a pool of sunlight sometimes.

We had a nice chat with Linda where she dropped a bomb on us. The reason we had come up in the first place was to represent the Temple of Isis/Los Angeles at the Memorial. We were just supposed to attend and that was it. It turned out Loreon who runs Isis Oasis had set the time aside but because she and Laura had not gotten along nothing had been planned. This caused a slightly frantic phone call to our two sister priestesses who were still on their way up. It was a good thing there are smartphones and that we had done two rituals last weekend. No resting for the weary, grieving priestesses.

And then we were bad conference attendees. We skipped out to go to Ukiah to visit the City of 10,000 Buddhas there. They have a heritage tree that is a huge old fir at Isis Oasis and it’s really sad. It feels like it has retreated and is grieving itself. And there are a lot of animals that are in cages there and some don’t get enough attention. There is a cockatoo that is constantly screaming “Hello” and he is alone in his cage. Lemon crested Cockatoos have the intelligence of a 5 year old child and if they aren’t paid enough attention they get destructive and neurotic. He was radiating loneliness and frustration and he was so sad. Never allow a Druid to have to be in close contact with sad trees and animals. It’s horrid. So we ditched the conference and drove north to spend a few hours and had a lovely time. It’s really beautiful and filled with happy trees and animals that aren’t afraid to come up and interact with you. We saw squirrels and peafowl that came right up to us. It was really beautiful there and on the road because the trees are turning colour and so are all the grape vineyards on the way. We had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant and headed back to be in time for deTraci Regula’s workshop. She had a reproduction of an ancient Egyptian Jewelry mold so we used Fimo to make Tyet knots and/or Jedpillars. (you can look that one up). Diana cheated and made a Khephre amulet. There were several different things to do on the mold. I have to find some red ribbon to put my knot on. Linda and deTraci were the ones who did our Arch Druidess consecration last weekend so it was great to see them two weekends in a row.

Then it was off to Catherine’s timeshare where we were staying at to meet Catherine and Anniitra. They were going to the Opera there that night and we were joking that you could only see 2 priestesses from TOILA at a time unless it was ritual space or there would be a space time continuum problem. We hastily threw a ritual outline together for the next day and they were off to the opera and we to make dinner and upload photos and rest. Didn’t quite go as planned since when they got back we talked until after one in the morning.