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The Archaeology News Network: Gamers take aim at ancient Pictish stone puzzle

Still Processing Consecration Oracles

My Oracle during my consecration was the Ancestor card from the Greenwood deck. That was Laura’s favourite card. It also happens to be the card that represents the Hierophant in a more traditional tarot deck.

This morning I realized Laura got the last laugh. Twice she asked me if I wanted to be a Hierophant when she was doing Hierophant ordinations and twice I turned her down saying that wasn’t my path. I have no desire really for that kind of rank in FOI. I think she got the final word on that.

When we drew cards we drew the 0 card, 1 card and the 3 card, The Fool, The Ancestor and the Archer. I like the symmetry of that. In the Greenwood deck that’s the Fool, the Hierophant and the Chariot cards. All are pretty interesting for three brand new Arch Druidesses, that’s the center of the Wheel of the year, Brighid or Candlemas and Spring Equinox. It’s the leap into the dark, the having made the leap and started the new cycle, and the dawn of a new adventure to take the reins of, nothing to this tarot stuff.

Our guides for the Grove are Elen of the Ways, Brighid and the Green Man. I think they are in the reading too since the Ancestor is the card for Elen and it’s Candlemas which is Brighid’s Day and the Archer is also not far from Herne which is sometimes a face of the Green Man as death comes to all who live in the woods and are under his stewardship.

An Arch Druidess’ Prayer

Help me to be wise enough to listen to the wind.

To be able to hear the wisdom of trees

To be able to see news in the flight of migrating birds

To be able to read the way in the movement of a stream.

Let me walk under the stars and hear their music

Let me see by the light of people’s hearts

Let me find the path through the forest of confusion

Let me never think I’m better than the smallest creature

Let me never think I’m less than the largest one.

Let me be secure in the love of the ones who are important to me

Let me fearless for those I need to defend

Let me be wise enough to know when to lead

And wise enough to know when someone else should.

And wise enough when to get out of the way.

Let me know that I can trust what I feel

And what I know and let me walk in the right direction

Whatever that direction is.