The memorial – part 2

At 10:34 pm Friday I thought I had finished the slide show and it was 10 minutes and 36 seconds long but I woke up and realized I wanted to add and change a few slides more so I did and finished again oddly at 10:34 am but now it was just under 11 minutes. I wanted to share it right then but as it was I made my friends watch it after the consecration.

I was very happy that R was there to help set it up and mind the slide show and the music, he did a great job, while the ritual was going on so I could take pictures and do the parts I was responsible for. When it started most people were still talking and catching up because we had a lot of people fly in from all over the place to come. I knew I had done something good because slowly people started to be quiet and just stare at the two big screens that were up front. After spending so long on it and tweaking it so much so that the pictures fit the music and had some logic to them even if I was the only one that knew what the logic was, I still broke into tears watching it. When they showed it again at the end there were a lot of people standing with their arms around friends just staring at Laura. I’ll post it here later just because I want to even if the majority of people following this blog never met this wonderful woman. Not because I’m vain or proud of it but because she was a priestess that was well loved all over the world by many, many people and deserves to be honoured. I’m most happy that Laura’s family loved it.

I’m a puddler and it doesn’t take much to make me cry at a memorial to someone I love. I never cried as a kid because it was too often used as a weapon against me. Therapy took care of that in a big way I guess. My own frigging stories can make me cry, for Pete’s sake.

The ritual was full of poetry and things Laura wrote. She chose some of the music before she died such as "Smoke Two Joints" which just made people roar. People told the parts of her life that were important to them. Her sister spoke so beautifully as did her boss. We told the story of her life from the beginning to the end. I found out by looking at the memorabilia table that she went to the same schools over in Baldwin Hills that my mom did, many years later. And one was even the same where my mom first taught school. My mom was in the first class at Dorsey High and Laura was there 20 years later. I never knew that until I saw the familiar LAUSD report cards that our teachers used to fill out back when LA had A & B grades for people with birthdays in either June to November or December to May. When we got to Glendale my poor brother had to repeat a 1/2 year because Glendale didn’t have that. I knew she had been an early President of NOW here in LA and that was where she heard Z and learned about the Goddess for the first time. It was a wonderful evening seeing all the parts put together.

I only had to talk about our re-discovered goddess BunniHoTep and lead the Knot of Isis at the end. That was enough for me. It really was a beautiful night and that we pulled together for Laura. There are still some people who are hurt and mad and a few who haven’t caught a clue that their egos might have been part of the problem and that people who have been away for 10 years shouldn’t throw their weight around because we’ve woken up and don’t care anymore what they think of the rest of us.

The one most in question evidently found out about the consecration from someone. I have no idea because it wasn’t the three of us. And they went up to a member of the Grove and said they wanted to attend the events. Not.Going.To.Happen. Yeah sow a little more discord why don’t you Eris?

Especially since I’m the one who will be physically present for any event to lead it. We Skype a lot so M &D will always be there virtually some way even if it’s a conference call ritual. I’m not holding a grudge, I’m just not being stupid. If your behaviour does not seem to have changed and you can’t even come into my space where I’m the one in charge and you are still an overbearing twit then I’m sure as hell not going to redo the past. And I thought I felt someone trying to influence me through my crown chakra at the beach ritual yesterday and I spanked whoever it was. Friends who are wanted go through your heart not your head. Not playing that game.

I was so tired when I got home and I was stupid and stood way too long and by the time I got home after 11 I was in too much pain to go to sleep. I didn’t sleep very well and almost didn’t go to the beach riutal.

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