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The Friday Who



Requiem in Pacem – Laura Janesdaughter. May you soar on the wings of Isis

Her memorial is tomorrow and Sunday.

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

All night long I kept waking up. Somehow I knew tonight would be the night Laura was gone. I awoke at dawn and looked out the window to see the sun starting to light the way for the day wondering why I was awake again and wondered if it was now. I actually looked at my phone to see if there was news and there was none yet. So I lay there and fell off to sleep finally again but she must have passed by us all as she flew passed.


Laura meant more to me than I think she will ever know. I think maybe even more than I know. She has supported me from the moment I became part of the Temple of Isis/Los Angeles. She allowed me to be me and still serve. I’m not a front and center priestess. I prefer to be in the…

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Today’s reading



It is time to face the inevitable, to let the bones be laid bare and acknowledge the deepest aspects of your fears and desires. Do not fear change, however, because this is also a time of purification and realignment.

This change may seem extreme and destructive, but old crops must be cleared for new growth to thrive and static or sterile modes and concepts must perish.

A celebration of the past or an acknowledgement of the passing of one part of life may be required.

Let the threads of the old slip from your fingers with joyful remembrance and enter this time of withdrawal and renewal with patience and calm.

You are confronting your essential self, without the secondary defences and protection of the mirror, mists and metaphors of reflection. (Mourning, seven of cups) will bring some relief. Seek comfort.

When you have managed to clear, process and thus lay to rest the issues raised by Death, you will feel a great burden has been lifted, and that you can turn towards life.