1st world problems – I hate sitting tall

I’ve been having a lot of trouble at work with my back so they were supposed to come and raise my desk an inch while I was at the dentist. I got to work and knew something was way off. My chair was at the highest setting and I was having to reach down to the keyboard?????. The monitors were way off and I couldn’t figure out why the keyboard tray was on top of my knees. At first I thought well, the raised it so something will be off and then the light dawned. It was now 2 inches too low because the doofus decided not to read his paperwork and he lowered the desk.

So I called the facilities office which is a good 40 miles away and asked whether the dude had lowered my desk. He had. Now I’m waiting for him to come back and raise it 2 inches. I feel like I’m sitting in a hole because I had to lower my chair and my knees are way up. I(t’s like sitting in the back seat of a Volkswagen if you’re over 5 ft tall.

And I just got an email wanting a review of the guy’s work and could they mark it finished, Uh no! So hopefully sometime this afternoon I will actually be able to sit comfortably at my desk for the first time since I started in July. I’m only 5’7” but I have a very long torso and long femurs which make me fit my desks and chairs like I’m a lot taller than I am. I just barely clear the roof of my car in the drivers seat.

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