2 thoughts on “Yep! But we love them.

  1. So much! This picture reminds me of my Lil’ Joe, who I hydrated for 2 years because his kidneys had completely shut down after the ice storm that nearly froze him to death. He died on my lap on his “final” trip to the vet. 😦

    I thought I would never stop crying.


  2. Oh, how sad, Joandeartemis. I had a siamese kitty, Kimberlina (Kimby), for 17 years that passed in a similar way. We never get over those family members, do we?

    What I was going to say when I first saw the picture: That looks like my Rosey. Except she has a red collar.

    We recycled the collar from our sweet Panda, a tuxedo. We sometimes think Rosey is possessed by Panda in some of the things she does that is so similar to our lost love so recently. He had been playing and fell dead.

    Our orange tabby, Teddy, mourned deeply, so we went to the shelter to find him a new friend. We went through the whole shelter and nearly gave up.

    Then something stopped me. I felt Rosey staring at me. I walked over and I was in love. She had been in and out of the shelter a few times. The aide opened the cage and was afraid to pull the kitty out. I reached in and pulled Rosey to me. The aide was amazed for some reason. (She’s in a shelter, she should know how to pick up an animal.) The she took Rosey from me saying that the shelter doesn’t allow the customer to carry the pets to the visiting room.

    Once in the room, Rosey jumped from her arms and ran to my hubby and licked his face until he was giggling like a school girl. I have to admit I was jealous, but to see his delight and their bonding warmed my heart to both. She has since bonded with me.

    The sad part is that Rosey (wish I could have changed her name but she responded to it) and Teddy like to chase and play, but don’t allow each other in their personal space. So not the relationship Teddy had with his former friend.


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