What having a sibling teaches you and what I taught him

Was thinking about what having a sibling teaches you. Cameron, I still miss you every day.

What a having a brother like Cam teaches you:

That boys aren’t really that creepy
That sharing won’t kill you (cookies and popsicles can be split)
That you can live with violations of your personal space (He’s on MY SIDE! He TOUCHED ME!)
That love and like are not the same thing
That once he’s taller than you, you really shouldn’t hit him any more (So run faster)
That when he’s grown he can give you really nice hugs
That you if you’re really sneaky you can shift the blame and negotiate afterwards
That you can make friends if he breaks the way for you.
That it’s okay to be different and disagree with each other
How to make peace
To give
To keep trying
To have hope
To live
How to love

What I taught my brother:

Dirt won’t kill you
Long distance running can be fun
Just because he’s in the treehouse doesn’t mean I can’t get him
That girls are tough too
That people with a disability can do things too
How to love strange creatures like frogs and tadpoles and me
That I would do anything to protect him from others while reserving the right to pound him. And that all her crazy friends would defend him too when straight people were stupid enough to call him “faggot”.
Never to annoy a woman who is having PMS unless you liked being locked out of the house in your underwear
That he could never feminize his 2 dykey sisters, they were never going to wear a dress for him unless it was a kilt. No matter how “queer eye” he used to get on us.
That he had 2 people that no matter how different they were from him loved him no matter what
To be silly and play and not take himself so seriously
To laugh at himself and us
To love

I should also add that he showed me the graceful way to come out of the closet even if that isn’t the way I did it.

One thought on “What having a sibling teaches you and what I taught him

  1. May all siblings be blessed, even when we don’t agree with them. They are our first friends, first rivals, and best allies in growing through life and time. Your relationship with your brother is wonderful.


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