Some pagans cannot be trusted and it’s a shame

A leading member of FOI and friend of mine, Caroline Wise has been researching the Goddess, Elen of the Ways for over 30 years. She is the one who named Elen from the research she was doing and yet if you search Elen of the Ways on line you find that her research is being used and plagiarized all over the web with no attribution to her or her work. As an author that makes me crazy.

I dare you to do a search and see and some stupid woman has now stolen the researched and published it under her name and that is not right. Please do not buy the book but buy Caroline’s when it comes out soon. It’s a shame that she has to rush to put her book together because of this theft of ideas and material. Again please do not buy anything on Elen of the Ways that is not by Caroline. Linda Iles and Laura Janesdaughter have also contributed to Caroline’s research but as far as I know from Caroline no one else has.

Caroline has been very generous about sharing her research and maybe she shouldn’t have because some pagans cannot be trusted it seems not to steal and to try to make a profit on other people’s hard work. I’m disgusted.

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