Archive | August 27, 2013

Teresita Girls Part 2

I just realized I did not use a single Benedryl all weekend and some weeks I have to use it every day. The only things I did use a lot of was pain medication and muscle relaxant because using my cane in the mountains irritated the heck out the already disturbed nerves in my upper back. I’ll take it to be up in the mountains again where the air is clean and the water tastes good and clean. I love being up in the pines and hearing the wind blow through them. I love meeting the creatures that live there most of the time. Last year it was deer and although we saw one on the road we didn’t see any in camp this year. I did have a close encounter of the masked kind on the Dining Hall porch. I don’t know who was more startled she or me. I backed up and took a few pictures and I went to bed and she went where ever she was going which was probably the trash can.

We had beautiful weather all weekend and the late afternoon thunder showers they had been having all week never appeared even though the clouds did. Lovely big fluffy white thunderboomers that I like as long as they aren’t booming and lighting the place up striking things and starting fires. Today the sky over the mountains looks like it could be fierce up there.

Saturday we tie-dyed and the rest went to the Rock climbing wall. That’s fun to watch but since that’s how I broke my foot in college not going to be high on my list to ever do again and I didn’t like doing it in the first place. Rock climbing was required for my major and I have acrophobia or at least the fall of falling off the rock. I had a choice of two sailing which was taught at Lake Castaic and I get seasick and in winter & spring that lake is really cold and rock climbing. I decided I’d rather die on land that in the water and I managed to make it through most of the class when I was about 3 stories up on a rock face when the arch on my left foot collapsed and tendons snapped out and then back and broke some of the small bones of the arch. That’s when I found out you could trust the people belaying the ropes because one minute I was standing and the next I was swinging off the rock face and back into it hard. Needless to say my professor was a little freaked out. He’s seen injuries before but he hadn’t had anyone’s foot collapse, lucky me. I went to the rest of the classes in a soft cast and crutches and I passed the written final with an A. I got 100% so I still got an A in the class. I was terrified I’d have to take it again or take sailing. I’d already taken backpacking and advanced outdoor risk management. So I really didn’t want to, so when they get on the rock wall I watch or do something else.

Afternoon was adult pool time and then canoeing. They had almost no snow or rain last winter so Jackson Lake was really low and the mud was really smell. The little boys loved the stench and when the canoes stirred up the landing area it smelled really bad. It was so pretty there with brilliant blue skies and big puffy thunderheads and the blues, greens and tans of the lake and the surrounding land and the bright yellow canoes.

We had a no-talent talent show and for the most part it was aptly named except for Miss Mary’s lovely daughter who read some of her poetry. She keeps writing like that and she will be Poet Laureate of the US someday. She’s good and not just for a 19 year old. She’s good, period. I forgot I really don’t like the skits of little boys. I do not enjoy the humour of miniature three stooges. I’d rather see a Buster Keaton but they never are. There is usually some body fluid joke and that gets old really fast. Teresita Campfire on Friday nights were awards which I hated and skits which I don’t find funny and if I was lucky a few songs. I don’t believe in awards for the best of something at camp. Girl Scout badges are different. Kids do specific things to earn them and there is not “best of“ something. Every Friday I had to give an award for the best of Arts and Crafts and I usually chose the kid that tried hard but never a best of anything. I just don’t think you can judge kids art. I don’t want to discourage any budding artiste no matter how bad it looks. If it made them happy or satisfied a need for expression that is more important than a ‘Best of’.

Thankfully we got some adult game playing time after that. Apples to Apples is a favourite and it got crazily hilarious and fun as it always does. I love that game.

I finally was worn out and had my encounter of the masked kind and went to bed.