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Note to self



Haunted by balloons

My sister and I are having a bit of a problem with a mylar balloon. We have a strange history with mylar balloons anyway. When for some event I can’t remember someone gave us a bouquet with a mylar balloon attached. Soon the flowers were gone and the balloon went to live in the corner of the living room over a bookcase. I should explain that our front/living room is at least 40 feet long covering the whole front of the building. One night my sister was sitting in a chair about the middle of the room and I was on the couch when the balloon came marching/bobbing down from the corner and across the room and stopped between the two of us. Mind you, the windows were closed. It’s night time and the central air was not on. Nothing should have been moving the balloon.

So it stopped between us and about head height of a person, because it freaked us out a little we started talking to it and as each of us spoke it would turn the flat front face of the balloon to the speaker as if it was listening. This was not that long after we moved in after my dad’s death. So when we asked it if it was Dad it bobbed up and down so we started asking it questions and talking to it and when we seemed to be out of questions and stopped getting answers, it turned and bobbed back to the corner. It still gives me goosebumps and I have no explanation for the behaviour of the balloon other than it really was my dad, because that balloon should not have been able to move absent air movement. So we formed some weird ouijaish bond with balloons.

Cue the text I got Monday from my sister who was at home with a sore back in bed. She gave me 2 mylar balloons which have lived in my bedroom since she gave them to me for my birthday in June. One has pretty much lost all loft and the other is now at a 6ft tall and has been meandering around my bedroom annoying my cat. Monday I get a text from a very freaked out sister. The taller balloon had gone from my bedroom down the hall and into her bedroom and stopped by her bed. She said she immediately got goosebumps and tried to talk to it but wouldn’t respond to the names of any dead relatives and since we are the last ones left of our immediate family there are a lot but she got no answer. I texted her back and told her to take it back to my room so she did and by now she is really weirded out. She took it back and a while later I got another text barrage. It came back down the hall to her room again but seemed content to stay in my room after she took it back again.

Yesterday the damn thing came downstairs to the living room by itself. That is out of my room, across the hall and down a flight of stairs and into the living room. My cat was staring at it and it moseyed all the way down the living room to the kitchen all by itself and parked itself in front of mom’s China cabinet and our old dining room table. It still isn’t identifying itself and if you address it to ask questions it turns toward you if it isn’t already facing you. We have no idea who or what is inhabiting it but it’s getting creepier by the minute but my sister won’t let me pop it and put it in the trash in case it is a relative visiting.

We grew up in a house that was haunted but a previous owner. You’d think we’d be used to this.