Archive | August 20, 2013

Amazing how new underwear makes you feel human

I hadn’t bought anything new to wear for 5 ½ years after I lost my permanent job and could only get temp jobs that paid crap. It was why I didn’t spend the night anywhere when asked and until last year didn’t go to my camp reunion. It was too embarrassing to have holely underwear and bras that couldn’t even be used for slingshots. If I hadn’t bought good quality shoes I would have been barefoot long ago. As it is they have holes in the inside but not outside.

So now that I have paid things like the rent and the electric & gas bill and car insurance, I spent my third paycheck on things I need like unholey underwear, a new bra that actually has elastic, cool shoes and a new pair of shorts that aren’t hand me downs from my sister losing weight.

It’s amazing how new underwear makes you feel like a worthwhile human being. Last year at the reunion I made sure I dressed in the bathroom so no one could see my underwear. This year I won’t have to hide. I also ordered 2 of mine own designed shirts on Cafépress. This is one ( And this is the other 😦

My grandmother always told us to go out with clean non-holey underwear because you never knew what could happen. When my brother had his first seizure from brain cancer at work he had gone regimental because he didn’t have time to do laundry. His first thought after waking up in the ER was that Grandma had been right, so I have always had a major fear about holey underwear. When I rolled my car because some yahoo decided the red light was just a suggestion, it was the first thing I told the ER doc, that my underwear had no holes which cracked her up. You say stupid things in the ER. Anyway it turned out a woman had just been brought in with kidney stones and was dying of embarrassment because the material in her chones was hanging in loops from the elastic waistband she was upset.

Anyway this going around with holes in my drawers has been a constant source of fear underlying everything every time I went out. I’m going through my bureau and throwing out all the holey panties.

Next is more work clothes and shoes, good thing a lot of things are on sale for back to school.