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Are you enchanted?

The reason I am a pagan is the same reason I got my degree as a Naturalist or quite frankly do anything worth doing is for enchantment. I’ve been reading things about how the modern world is disenchanting. That life has lost its sense of what is enchanting or mystifying. I can only say then they are not paying attention.

If life is not enchanting for you, what is the point in being alive? Enchantment is all around us all the time you just have to look for it. If you are going through your day with your head down and never looking up there is something very wrong. There is a seagull staring at you that you missed or a dragonfly whizzing across the parking lot in front of your eyes that you just missed. There is a ladybug on the 11th floor window looking in at you. Did you miss it?

Look up! Look around! Get your head out of whatever dark place you’ve been hiding in. Listen! Is that a bird? Is it a bug? What do you hear? Even someone singing just to sing for joy of the day is enchanting. Did you touch the fuzzy grass in the planter? It you touch the soft looking leaf? Did you crush that piece of rosemary and smell the sharp scent? Why not? Or did you quickly hurry by and ignore all the green things waving hello at you? Think they aren’t waving at you? Too anthropomorphic for you? That is just a big word to pull you out of enchantment and make you be sensible.

I can’t be that sensible, boring, non-imaginative person. And you may imagine yourself to be logical and scientific but if you are being that way you are no scientist. You are a fraud. No scientific discovery was ever made by a sensible and unimaginative person because it takes imagination and curiosity to make a scientific discovery. It takes some romance, it takes the leap of “what if?” to make a scientific discovery. That is the basis for all experimentation: what happens when I do this? It takes enchantment.

If you believe everything you are told to believe and never test it you will always be disenchanted. Taking things by rote is a cop out. It’s lazy and it makes you disenchanted.

I suppose I believe in pagan goddesses and gods partly because I’ve seen them and interacted with them both awake and in dreams but because I know they have the potential to interact and I expect it. I can’t predict it but I expect it. Their time table is not my time table but it happens and I wait in the expectation that it will happen and so it does and I’m enchanted just like I’m enchanted when one of my characters appears and tells me a new story about their lives when they are away. It has nothing to do with real or unreal because we make our reality just as much as we are responsible for our enchantment.

If life doesn’t enchant you then do something about it. You are missing the whole purpose you were born into that physical body. You are a spiritual being having physical experiences so why aren’t you having them?

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Today’s reading

The Moon

The Moon heralds a time of inner transformation, initiation or awareness. This may take the form of a seemingly ran-dom situation based in the emotional or spiritual spheres, but your inner voice may have been whispering for some time and gone unheeded. 

Now your soul brings into your physical world the symbolic keys to the collective human subconscious. This may take the form of a desire to explore or study a doctrine, philosophyor esoteric pursuit, or the wish to explore untapped sexual energy and experience a tighter spiritual bond with a partner through honesty and the expression of your hidden desires. 

From here you can begin to wrestle with the concept that consciousness is not within you, but you are within the consciousness of the uni-verse. 

The Moon in a tarot pack is really concerned with the dark moon, not the waning moon, but the true last phase of the moon, when it cannot be seen at all. 

A shifting time of seething darkness in which new life and ideas can be conceived.