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Idolatry, yes!


Yeah, I know. I went for the “SEX! now that I have your attention” headline. Sorry.

But this is a topic many of us still have to contend with when it comes to explaining those images on our altars to some members of the major monotheisms. Especially if you have a rather—ahem—extensive shrine like I do.

If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, you probably ended up saying sometime like, “I don’t worship the statue. I worship the Deity represented by the statue.” It seems so simple and obvious. And it is. For the most part.

But when it comes to ancient Egyptian tradition, things do get a bit more interesting. As you probably already know, images were extremely important in Egyptian tradition. Images, and most especially the sacred images of the Deities, could become vessels for the indwelling of the Divine presence. Once the proper rites were performed…

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Today’s reading


Spark of Life

Ace of Wands

The turning of the cosmic axis that generates the spark of life. The drill symbolizes the skills that exert control over the environment, directed by the human intellect.

Renewed will and life energy. Sudden determination and action. Return of health. Positive energy. A new force in one’s life, as yet unformed and unchanelled.

DC Judge: Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit against National Review, Competitive Enterprise Institute allowed to proceed

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CATEGORY: PoliticsLawGovernmentOn October 22, 2012, climate scientist Michael Mann sued the National Review (NR), the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), along with two writers, NR writer Mark Steyn and CEI writer Rand Simberg, for defamation. Mann’s lawsuit alleges that NR, CEI, Steyn, and Simberg’s (hereafter “the defendants”) allegations of scientific fraud and their comparisons of Mann to convicted Penn State child molester Jerry Sandusky were libelous. The defendants answered Mann’s lawsuit in court with motions to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that their claims of misconduct were protected opinion speech and not provably false, that Mann was a public figure, and that Mann’s lawsuit qualified as a SLAPP against their right to free speech. On July 19, 2013, DC Court Judge Natalia M. Combs Greene issued two orders that denied all the motions to dismiss the lawsuit and permitted Mann’s defamation lawsuit to proceed.

The first part of the motions to…

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