Q is for Quiet

Q is for Quiet

With all the running around we do sometimes it’s really hard to be quiet. I don’t mean meditation. I mean to just sit some place outside and to be quiet and listen. If you live in a city find a park or someplace you can be safe and sit with your eyes closed.

Sit down because standing would be one more thing to think about. Close your eyes. And for a moment just be. You can also do this when you wake up in the morning.

With your eyes closed, listen.

I mean actively listen. This is not a passive exercise.

What do your hear?

It’s okay if the first think you hear is the trash truck or a car alarm or the buzz of your cell phone by the bed but go deeper.

Can you hear the neighbor’s sprinkler?

Count the birds you hear. Who is singing in that morning chorus?

If you have mockingbirds in your area see if you can identify all the different calls they are mimicking. How many car alarms, other birds or animals are you hearing from them.

Who else is making noise? What directions are they coming from?

Can you hear the wind?

What other weather do you hear?

Lie or sit there a while in stillness.

Just be, quietly.

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