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Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel has turned, change is at hand. In all nature there is a time and tide. The cyclic laws of birth, death, rebirth are ever-revolving and without change all things stagnate.

It is how you deal with this change that is the issue here. Within the tangled and tightly woven fabric of chance you have the power to make a difference. By your own actions you can change your own life. You are not a prisoner of fate, but an integrated part of it.

Remember! This is not a dress rehearsal. Life is what happens to you while you are waiting for it to begin! Whether on the surface the change at hand appears to be for the better or for the worse, welcome it, be at peace with it and take control of your own actions within it. Remember, all things must pass.

Across the loom are spread the warp and weft of living green, stretching in all four directions out to infinity. These connect you with to the cosmic web, or the web of wyrd (fate) for your life is intimately connected to that of the living universe.

At the base of the loom hang the loom weights. You are weaving the cloak that is the pattern of your life. There is a process of interaction at work in this card and the mediators are the three cloaked figures standing at the lower right of the cloak. These are the three fates, the norns, the hooded ones who watch over your destiny. It is important to know that your weaving is flexible, your destiny is not woven for you, it is an interaction; every one of your actions can affect a change in the design of your cloak at any point. It is never finished but is continually unravelling and being rewoven.

You may have severed the threads binding you to others for reasons of self-protection -these can be rewoven, carefully linking you to the abundance of the world (six of wands, Harvest) thereby avoiding unwanted situations (six of stones, Exploitation).

The New Constitution: Amendment XIV – basic human rights

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The New Constitution

Amendment XIV

All citizens shall enjoy the right to shelter, nourishment, healthcare and educational opportunity.


Too much mischief has been accomplished under the guise of the rabid social Darwinian dogma that people don’t have a right to a basic standard of living, a toxic ideology that over time has tended to divide the people into two camps: the haves and the parasites.

The New Constitution rejects this ideology outright and asserts that we all benefit from a society that doesn’t accept extreme poverty, blaming the underprivileged for a condition that all too often arises from the indifference of the wealthy.


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