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They are serious at work about welcoming gay people

Wow! I’m impressed with the new company I work for at least on LGBT issues, not so much on disability issues since I just got Security in trouble with HR for denying my request 8 times to use the ADA doors. They put new 3 million dollar security doors in and they read a person using a cane and having a backpack as 2 people in the door and kick you out. Rather embarrassing and annoying.

Anyway, I finally joined the LGBT group at work and they seem to have gotten a bit excited since the person who was supposed orient me asked me to join the Membership committee before she oriented me. So now I’m on the Membership committee.

But they have this cool program for LGBT people and their allies called “Safe Space” and when you join the Safe Space program you get a magnet for your cubicle so that people know that you are a safe person to talk to about being gay or issues related to being gay like a family member. There is even a workplace online training you’re supposed to take that models behaviour for allies. It is a bit weird since it isn’t geared to the gay person just the ally but still, it’s more than I seen in other companies.

It said in the training that the company figures that if .05% of the employees are gay and not out that they lose a total of 9.6 million dollars in productivity if people don’t feel safe to come out of the closet. That is a whole lot of money and productivity lost. I wish other companies would figure that out.

The guy who trained me said that they are trying to come up with healthcare policies that are for gay families because of DOMA and that the group will be the test marketing group for those insurance policies. I hope that includes a provider group that is friendly and knowledgeable about gay people. I hate having to explain to the Dr., why I don’t need birth control and yes, I’m absolutely positive I am not pregnant. Usually I ask them if they have seen a star in the East but that gets old after a while.

Now if I can just sort the door issue out I’ll be a lot happier.

I give thanks at our thanksgiving – Lughnassad

I give thanks

I give thanks for my friends that have kept me going in dark times

I give thanks for the love I have been given

I give thanks for the family I have left

I give thanks for the family I was born into and what they taught me

I give thanks that I have the right to worship the goddesses and gods who call me

I give thanks that I can worship as I choose to do

I give thanks for the Earth that gives nourishment to me

I give thanks for the Air I breathe

I give thanks for clean Water to drink in a drought filled world

I give thanks for the Fire in my head and in my heart

I thank the animals who give their spirits to be food

I give thanks for the plants and seeds who give their spirits also

I give thanks for hands to hold and hearts to love

I give thanks for eyes that can see and ears that can hear

I give thanks for an August morning to give thanks in and I give thanks for the ability to see and say and sing my thanks.

I give thanks.

Today’s reading



Eight of Cups

By looking at the past, acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them, we grow and attain new wisdom. The future waits to be unfolded by our positive action.

The wheel has come full cycle. On one level this represents a solstice feast, a broth made for sharing. On a deeper level this card represents a profound rebirth.

Transformation in which all the elements of oneself are being poured in order to be recombined. Focusing in the present.