The New Constitution: Amendment IX – mandatory service and enfranchisement

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The New Constitution

Amendment IX

All citizens shall, upon attainment of their 18th birthdays, enroll in a two-year program of public service, which may be fulfilled with either civic programs or the armed forces. Enfranchisement shall be earned upon completion of the public service commitment and a demonstration of a basic understanding of principles informing the political and policy issues facing the nation.


If you talk to university professors, most will tell you that for every 18 year-old who arrives in their freshman classes prepared for higher education there are probably 20-30 who aren’t. What results is all too often a wasted year – an increasingly expensive wasted year in an age of spiraling college costs.

Students who take a year or two off, on the other hand, learn a good deal about self-sufficiency and the importance of taking control of the course of the lives. They’re more responsible, more productive…

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