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carol-christ“There’s a river of birds in migration, a nation of women with wings.”Goddess chant, Libanalabrys seal ring

On the Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete, I explain that many of the names given to “Minoan” (c. 3000-1450 BCE) Cretan artifacts and architecture are products of patriarchal and Eurocentric imaginations, and as such, are misleading.  For example the name “Minoan” was given to the culture of Bronze Age Crete in honor of “King Minos,” who was said to have ruled in Crete a few generations before the Trojan War–several hundred years after the end of the culture to which his name was attached.  In fact, despite his eagerness to find evidence that King Minos ruled at Knossos, the excavator Sir Arthur Evans finally had to concede that the best he could do was to produce a fresco of a “Prince of the Lilies” which he identifed as the image of the male ruler of the culture he…

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Prayer for Lughnassad

I give thanks for the blessings of Lughnassad

Blessings of family

Blessings of friends

Blessings of nature

Be with me through this season

Morning to night and night to morning and twilight to twilight.

Blessings of home

Warmth of hearth

Nourishment of food

Majesty of trees

Cheerfulness of flowers

Love of animals

Songs of birds

Gifts of music

Groundedness of earth

Be with all who I love

Throughout this season

Of thanksgiving.