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ADF Ritual/Prayer Beads

These are really cool. Now I just have to look through all the bead boxes

Ozark Pagan Mamma

At the end of last year, a little while after rejoining Ár nDraíocht Féin, I got an idea for making ADF ritual beads.  These would be a tool for learning an ADF ritual set up, or possibly a tool for individual devotions, and/or an aid to learning ADF chants.  I never made this proposed bead set, but I might still do that someday. I think it would be great for beginners or for kids especially.  So I’ve posted the it here because I thought there might be someone out there who would like to take up the idea.  This string of beads and charms might work out nice woven together with macramé knots between each bead/charm.  If you make one, send me a picture! This is based on a ritual outline from the ADF website.  If I’ve left something out that your grove does, included something that you would rather…

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Prayer for a Summer Morning

I greet this Summer morning
With the peacefulness of a day of rest
After a day of fierce activity.
Peace in spirit
Peace in mind
Peace in body.
May this peace stay with me
All this day
And all this night.

I ask the blessing of  nine
Qualities of Summer:
Ephermeralness of dragonfly
Metamorphosis of butterfly
Beauty of flower
Resilience of a blade of grass
Persistence of seed
Growth of vine
Humour of crow
Laughter of raven
Patience of spider
May these nine blessings
Stay with me today
Until fall of night.