The New Constitution: Amendment III – freedom of religion, separation of church and state

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The New Constitution

Amendment III

The government of the people shall be expressly secular. Congress will make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; nor shall any individual, religious or quasi-religious entity or collective engage or seek to influence the course of legislation or policy in accordance with theological creed.


It seems more than evident that the original Bill of Rights intended to establish a secular government that assured the free practice of religion. However, through the years their failure to articulate the wall between church and state more clearly has resulted in a system where not only is advocacy of Judeo-Christianity a near-de facto requisite for election to public office, officials are increasingly bold in their promotion of overtly theologically driven policy.

Amendment III reiterates the original framers’ assurance of the freedom of conscience, while also safeguarding government from the corrosive influence of…

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