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What a feeling!



Prayer for a summer morning

I greet this Summer morning
With music in my heart.
Blessings to the music of nature
Music in my feet
Music in my heart
Music in my soul.
May the music of life
Follow me all this day
Until fall of night.

I bathe in the music of Summer.
Song of mockingbird
Whisper of grass blades
Castanets of crow song
Laughter of raven
Susurrations of tree leaves
Chatter of squirrel
Chuckling of streams
Chattering of finches
Humming of bees
Nine songs of Summer
Bless us all the day
Until the songs of twilight.


I’m campsick

I’m horribly campsick this morning. This not helped by the songs on my phone/mp3 player which is playing things like “Sunshine on my shoulders” Cruel and unusual punishment.

I want to wake up after sleeping under a full moon and see my shelter around me. The camp whose sleeping arrangements I loved best was Singing Pines. We slept in shelters that were open on 3 sides and the wall behind our head was the outside wall of the closet. They had 4 to 5 beds, two on each side. My favourite shelter was the one by the lake. We heard the fish jumping in the lake and strangely it was the one place that had very few mosquitos at night.

On a full moon night it was like sleeping under a search light, The moon would seem huge and close and very comforting and incredibly bright. Even though we were miles from any light pollution on a full moon night the stars would almost disappear it was so bright. I almost never used a flashlight at night any way but those full moon nights, no one needed one.

Lying in bed you could watch birds and squirrels, sometimes a deer or two. If you were quiet and lucky, a family of California quail might go peeping by your bed, top knots bobbing up and down.

I want the sun to wake me up in my sleeping bag and lie in my cradle-like bunk waiting for the bell to ring. I want to sing the kids to sleep and hear it echo up the valley. I want to walk around the lake and stare at the fish and look for the pretty aquatic garter snakes. I want to walk up the hill to Arts and Crafts and wait for the first unit to arrive. I want to sit on my bunk and string a friendship bracelet in Morse code. I want to here a quick summer rain shower in the late afternoon and watch heat lightning off over the desert. I want to have one of Carrot’s grilled cheese sandwiches or Sunday dinner with Yeastie beasties and roast beast. I want to have a dress up ice cream social. I want to play some silly jokes. I want to sing songs at campfire and the dining hall.

Yes, I’m campsick.

Earworm for the morning

My days are brighter than morning air
Evergreen pine and autumn blue
But all my days are twice as fair
If I could share
My days with you

My nights are warmer than firecoals
Incense and stars and smoke bamboo
But nights were warm beyond compare
If I could share
My nights with you

To dance in my dreams
To shine when I need the sun
With you
To hold me when dreams are done

And oh….
My dearest love
If you will take my love
Then all my dreams are truly begun

And time weaves ribbons of memory
To sweeten life when youth is through
But I would need no memories there
If I could share
My life with you