The New Constitution: Amendment I – representation and proportionality

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The New Constitution

Amendment I

No political party representing at least five percent of the electorate shall be denied direct representation in the legislature. All legislative bodies shall be comprised proportionally according to the populations represented and all elected officials shall be selected by direct vote of the people.


American politics is built on a two-party system, despite the fact that there are arguably ten (or more) distinct political cohorts in the country. What results is a dynamic wherein coalition building is conducted at the party level and the wishes of these constituencies routinely fail to find expression in the legislature.

A system of proportional representation assures that these voices are heard on the floor of the Congress.

Further, the Electoral College introduces inequities into the process of electing the chief executive. Four times in our history (1824, 1876, 1888 and 2000) this system has installed in the White House a…

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