This is an added component to shielding techniques.

Ever had a headache out of the blue or something is feeling not quite right? Rub or pass your hand over the top of your head. I tend to do this in crowds or at work or at big events. So what if people think you are always brushing your hair back. If you are bald or have shaved your head, you can still rub the top of your head.

Anyway, pass your hand over the top of your head directly over your crown chakra. Note: not everybody’s crown chakra is right at the top of the head sometimes it has slid a little to the back or the side. Usually the back toward one of your hair whorls if it isn’t right on top. Your halo has just slid, ::joke:::.

Well, did something feel as if it let go? One of two things may have been happening. One, You have been sending energy out to someone or just gotten a bit aggressive about feeling what was going on in your environment. Or, two, someone else is feeling the need to make contact with you.

If it’s number two, it can be good or bad and you may need to sit and figure out which that might be. It can be anything from one of your children wanting to be connected to mom or dad at that moment to someone who actively does not like you and has a problem with you and may not know they are doing it. It may be someone at work is pissed at you and they are probably not conscious they are doing it to someone who knows what they are doing, this is how hexes generally work. The good thing is, it’s easy to stop and send it all back where it came from.

This connection is the real reason you know someone you love is in trouble before the phone rings to tell you. People in trouble naturally reach out, kids do it without thinking. People also can do it in their sleep.

So, brush your hand over your hair, if nothing happens you may just have a headache but should you feel a slight pop or a loosening someone is connected to you and you have broken the connection. If it has felt negative – go wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Shake your hands out. In other words, get rid of it and if you want to block it? Imagine a hat or helmet over your head. Anything between your and the outside energy. Or you can imagine a fountain of white light out the top of your head and out to the universe and back to grounding. That should be enough to break any negative connection.

If it’s your kid, time to teach them how to ground and center, first and then, call mom if they still need you but not before.

This technique also can work if you have insomnia and can’t disengage from the waking world. That it occurs when you are the one out and roaming around. Come back to your body and go to sleep.

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