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Happy birthday Malala and keep on going!



Written last Sunday – will follow up later

I finally have a job and am going back to work Monday starting with Orientation and there is only one thing I’m dreading  – being caught reading during a break. It always leads to the following stupid conversation:

 “What are you reading?” I show them.

“oh, ” and then oddly proud. “I  haven’t read a book since high school.”

 To which I always want to answer, “I can tell” but I never do.

 If it’s a murder mystery or something like that it’s not usually as bad as when I’m reading something like I am now, a biography of TheodoreRooseveltJr’s early life. It’s by DavidMcCullough and I heartily recommend it.

It could get really interesting if the conversation goes to what I watched while I was away for the last 6 weeks. We don’t have TV so we have been frequenting the local library and have been watching things like HBO’s JohnAdams, KenBurns series on Lewis and Clark and I adore KenBurn’s work, , Bourne films and a bunch of history such as one on Gettysburg, BBCSherlock..

We keep waiting for Ken Burns’ National Park series to come in. Plus we have watched DVDs Alison  have like with seasons of CSI, most of Law and Order SVU, every Disney and Pixar offering we’ve been able to buy over the years, a couple of seasons of West Wing, and our extended DVDs of Lord of the Rings.


And since Alison goes to work at 6 am and goes to bed early we only watch from about 6-8 and less if she has to be at work at 4 or 5 am.


We watch and read geek stuff and I am well aware that most people do not because they tell me so as if I’m the one that needs to change. But since the latest research on dementia says reading and puzzles are ways to prevent it although I do wonder since my grandfather had Alzheimers and both my parents had dementia and that is where I get my reading and puzzle solving proclivities I do wonder about that. Or maybe it held it off since they were in their mid eighties when it hit, anyway I’m not stopping and it’s something I enjoy as well as writing. 

Today’s reading

Two days in a row!

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess



Three of Cups

Celebration within a communal group or family, welcoming the coming of new life or good fortune. The successful return after migration or travel by a tribe or grouping.

Happy and creative friendships, community, warmth, fun; a bonding on many levels.

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