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Words Matter: industrial climate disruption is not a religion

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a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices (source)

Some people falsely allege that industrial climate disruption is a religion. This allegation is blatantly flawed, as is the related allegation that industrial climate disruption is a cult. But that doesn’t prevent deniers of industrial climate disruption from making the false allegation in an attempt to render the underlying science moot.

As shown in the definition above, a religion is a set of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices, with the key word being “religious.” Religion requires the worship of some greater power or divinity. Scientific disciplines do not. In general, religion concerns itself with faith and adherence to established doctrine whether or not the doctrine make sense. Science, on the other hand, concerns itself with what is observable, what can…

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Prayer for a July Summer’s Day

I raise my face to the summer sun this morning

I thank the cool breeze caressing my face

I ask blessings of the day from mornings first light

and all through the night.

Sweetness of the passing rain

Morning song of the mockingbird

Adolescent complaint of the crow

Cheeriness of the white rose

Freshness of the butterflies

Fragrance of garden herbs

Laziness of a lizard

Beauty of clouds

Cleaness of air

Bless my day and whom I love

All this day and during the coolness of night