Archive | June 29, 2013

We’re having a heat wave.

I like California’s heat until it gets near 100 and doesn’t cool off at night. It’s 94 now and will allegedly peak at 97 @4pm. Tomorrow may be 107.

I don’t mind the extreme heat as much as I mind not being able to sleep. Thursday night I couldn’t sleep until 4:30 in the morning when my sister got up for work.

Last night it was only 1 :00 but I slept until 10 am when my bedroom heated up again. Want to make mimi’s. :-(.

Today’s reading



Five of Wands

A fertile and concentrated male energy or drive that needs to be grounded in intent. Raw spiritual power or life-force that can be built up or focused to good effect.

An active power that is hard to hold in balance, tendency to anger; when misused by any gender, this becomes power over others.

Hope,  this means the power stays on.