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Unsolicited museum review: The Timekeeper Project at the Petrie Museum

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So on Saturday we decided to visit the Petrie Museum, one of the few museums in London we hadn’t been to once in the fifteen years we’ve been here. A grievous oversight that clearly needed to be rectified, especially given the Ra festival that was going on that day. So after a quick stop at the festival, great fun and great food, we headed off to the Petrie. This is a museum primarily of Egyptology, and the collection, a world class one, would be a premier attraction in any other city in the world. In London, alas, it’s shoveled into a couple of large rooms in the bowels of University College London. No matter—it’s there, and it’s free, and it’s worth a visit in its own right. The next time the grandkids are visiting, we know right where to go.

But that’s not all. Because the Petrie has something…

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