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Nine of Cups

Nature’s open-hearted, spiritual cauldron has a welcome for those who approach the waters of knowledge with a compassionate heart. They are blessed by regeneration.

 … open to the generous abundance of all around… heartfelt gratitude to the gifts of life; generosity. 
Be open to giving and receiving. Life is flowing, and you are still and strong within yourself.

Summer Solstice walk in the park



108After 30 years our coven has been doing things a bit differently on Sabbats. We don’t always do ritual. Sometimes we have Sabbat field trips. Yesterday we went to FranklinCanyon. I like to find places around LA to visit that have some magical energy and so it was my pleasure to take a coven sister to one of my favourite places. FranklinCanyon is the geographic center of LA and if you are brave you can go find the plaque under an oak tree and past the poison oak.  It’s now part of the National Park Services Santa Monica Recreation Area. It’s also free to visit unlike a lot of parks. It’s a wilderness oasis in the middle of LA on the mountain between Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley. You’ve seen it many times but you just don’t know it if you’ve watched NCIS, CSI, or the beginning of the Andy Griffith Show or the Creature from the Black Lagoon.


It is an amazingly calm spot and the world disappears when you drive in and walk under the firs and the pines and the old oak trees. We had a wonderful time walking the nature trail that has a small duck pond. There were tons of turtles and a wood duck which seemed to be having a mixed race marriage with a lady mallard. Lovely to see them glide along. Large orange dragonflies were flitting in an out.


The sky was blue and the breezes were warm and it was a wonderful place to walk. They also have a NatureCenter with exhibits on the Tongva Indians and a very large taxidermedMountain Lion, bobcat and some owls. They even have a scat display sure to intrigue the kids.


But I love it because it’s just a magical wild space in the middle of LA.


You can also visit the Tree People across Mulholland Dr.