Amanda Knox case shed light on police and judicial abuses everywhere

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The Italian police and prosecutor made a laughingstock of themselves by zeroing in on the most unlikely suspect.

Knox,AmandaMany ostensibly informed citizens, including – especially  – progressives, have scoffed at interest in the arrest, tribulations, and trials of Amanda Knox. They see the attention the case garnered as a variation on “missing white woman syndrome” (MWWS), in which the likes of Ms. Knox receive attention denied minorities and foreigners in similar situations. The case can be made, though, that precisely because of who she is, her case generates sustained interest on the part of members of the general public who ordinarily wouldn’t be exposed to injustice in the form of police and prosecutorial misconduct. Whether or not they can extrapolate Ms. Knox’s victimhood to minorities in the United States and citizens in other countries, especially those with less developed legal systems than the United States or (cough) Italy, though, is ultimately…

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