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  1. I know someone who has “mild” Aspergers… self identified. Trust me, if she does, then you do not. You two are apples and oranges.

    A good example, I think, of Aspergers can be found in the character Temperance Brennen on “Bones”. Although she has really good hand/eye coordination, she is constantly trying to figure out what the appropriate emotional response for a given situation is. She will then “try it out” and look to Booth to let her know whether or not she did it “right”.


    • That’s what’s making me so damn mad. Every highly intelligent person now in the media allegedly has Aspergers if they are a little odd. It used to be “eccentric ” now you have a disease.

      I know I have my weirdnesses amd I used to have repetitive behaviours that I grew out of but it was a way of working stressors out and Goddess knows I had a lot of them. I’m willing to bet I would have been at some point.


      • Comparing you and my Aspy friend (who I am QUITE fond of, btw). You are both VERY intelligent. You are both a little eccentric (which is why I like both of you so much… “normal” people bore me). However, you are often very emotional… AND, you know what you are feeling. My other friend often has emotions that confuse and distract her. Her response to this confusion is to throw herself EVEN MORE COMPLETELY into whatever single minded focus she has at that moment. That single minded focus will change from time to time, but the time between changes is often years. So she will be singularly engaged in one thing for years at a time. You, on the other hand, and a wide variety of interests, as indicated on your blog, each of which make you very excited. My Aspy friend has a blog too, but she only writes about one thing… her singular focus subject.

        However I don’t think of Asbergers as a disease. It is just a different way of being in the world. Once I found out about my friend, I thought “oh, well, that makes a lot of sense”. I don’t think it is a “disease” any more than is homosexuality or left handedness.


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