Tomorrow is Faire

Tomorrow will be our first Faire since the Hieromum died. We’ve done Faires without her but we always knew she was alive. I’m afraid there will be many tears shed. I know I will. We are having an altar to her memory in the Lounge of the church where we have the Faire so people can go in and pay their respects. I’m sure there are many people that have not heard yet and it will hit hard.


We do have two beloved guest which will help, CarolineWise and LindaIles.  Both were friends of Laura, Caroline had planned this visit to see Laura and missed seeing her in time but I hope being with us helped her some. London to LA is a long way to come and we appreciate her and love her for doing it.


I’m going down on the train again because is still hurts too much to drive. Last week almost killed me and I was in tears of pain by the time I got to the walking part home. No pain killer seems to work. I have darvocet at home but it has acetomenophen (tylenol) in it which I’m allergic to but if it gets as bad as it was last Sunday I swear I’m taking it and damn the consequences. My right arm gets to hurting so much just from hanging at my side, I can’t believe it. It was nice to wake up this morning pain free for a little while but now that I’m typing at the library it’s starting up again. At least if I can wake up pain free one morning it means it’s getting better, but enough whinging. I’m just happy to be going to Faire again.

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Faire

  1. I am sorry to hear of your loss.
    I wanted to help with your pain. Have you tried high Magnesium doses in powder or liquid. I do medical massage, for 10 years now, and when people talk about your kind of pain its the first thing I suggest. Please feel free to email me at Yvonne Dreptate @ Gmail.
    Hopefully I can help 😉


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