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Legal, but not constitutional: how the government is weasel wording the public about Edward Snowden and the NSA

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Homeland Security PrecrimeThe Edward Snowden/NSA/PRISM uproar continues, and in the argument over whether or not he’s a Real American Patriot or your basic criminal vigilante the whole fucking point is getting lost. In fact, that argument is precisely the one that the Obama administration and the GOP’s security-state architects want us waging because it distracts us from the actual issue we need to be discussing.

You may have noticed, in reading the various statements from government officials, the recurrence of a theme: the program that Snowden exposed is legal. Keep track of how many times you hear that word. It’s. All. LEGAL.

Yes it is. And the effectiveness of the government’s rhetoric right now is unfortunately due, in part, to the language employed by the left over the past decade, which has lambasted the Bush administration’s illegal domestic spying program. Illegal. Legal. Therein lies the problem. (I have to…

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Knight of Arrows

Quick, graceful and a master of the element of air, the hawk is symbolic of vision and power. The ability to fly and nest at high altitude and see prey and hunt from a great height brings a special reverence to this majestic and fearless creature.

In myth, hawks are wisdom and ‘medicine’ bringers.

The arrow in the card is in steady mid-flight, its aim will be true. A person with a sharp mind, able to fly high, be competitive, impatient, ambitious, focused, potentially intolerant and arrogant. A skilful mediator of new ideas. A watcher.