Lovely day for a workshop with friends – Elen of the Ways

I had a perfectly lovely day yesterday mentally and spiritualy, physically not so much but sometimes you can’t have everything. One of our Iseums, the Anniitra’s Iseum of the Nubian Moon had CarolineWise and LindaIles put on a workshop on Caroline’s 30 years of work on a Goddess she has been putting information togetheron. Someone lately took her work and published as their own and that is a shame and Caroline’s book on Elen of the Ways, (the name Caroline came up with and now mystifying has a Wikipedia page that Caroline did not do.) I hope the person that stole her work is properly ashamed of themselves and Caroline’s book will be out later in the year. She started this work with Chesca Potter who did the Greenwood deck that I do the daily readings from and now Chesca can not be found, So if you know where Chesca is let Caroline or someone in FOI know, not even her own brother can find her.


Anyway, I had a wonderful time and learned a lot and have some work to do now on my own for Elen of the Ways her in the US, Linda has been doing work here on ley lines and ways in the US and I think I know a lot about some of them from the work I have done here and the results I’ve had.


Laura, our Heiromum introduced us the Elen of the Ways many years ago and she has always been in the back of my mind since then. And Caroline was telling us of her association with swans. This made my little ears perk up because swans are sort of a backwards totem for me. Swans show up when there is something I need to pay particular attention to or to be specific a fear that needs to be faced.


When I was very small my dad took me over to Forest Lawn to feed the swans and visit his aunt’s grave. I got very badly bit and awfully bloody and dad had to use his handkerchief to stop the bleeding. I still remember how much it hurt and thinking how could a beautiful bird like that hurt me when I was trying to help it and they used to terrify me but ever since then swans have been a sort of guide. People would give a swan figurine or a toy or they would just show up. When I had my eye surgery most people sent stuffed animals or the flowers were in little girl appropriate vases except for one and I have no idea who sent it but it was a white glittery swan, my biggest fear? That the surgery wouldn’t work and I’d be totally blind, a reasonable fear when you 7 and just had experimental surgery. They have shown up when I had to go to a new school or a new work situation or just when some of those secret fears we all have are rearing their ugly heads so I pay attention.


Yesterday another piece of the puzzle dropped into place, my name. In Gaelic my name is MairiEalasaid and it may have no relation but the word for swan in Gaelic is Eala. I don’t believe in coincidences. Eala is also the word for altar stone or sanctuary. Curious.


We also did an oracle with Linda which made my hair stand on end and drew a card from Chesca’s deck, mine was the Seer which just happens to have the cailleach oidche on it, the snowy owl, owls are also totems to me and that card shows up a lot for me. It was an interesting day.


So who is Elen? Caroline says there are lines with her from ancient times but that she is modern goddess for modern times. There is absolutely no evidence of a Celtic goddess as some are claiming in ancient times. Are only evidence is in the reindeer and the tribes that depended on them that are not Celtic, they are tribes like the Sammi.


If you have a chance to go to one of Caroline’s or Linda’s workshops I recommend it. Caroline gives regular workshops near her home at Treadwells Bookstore in London.

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  1. The way you are with swans is kind of like I am with spiders… except that I have never been bitten by a spider and I have no idea why I am so terrified of them. But, like you, they always show up at important times… I think because the Lady is trying to get my attention, She sends something that scares me so that I will, in fact, pay attention.


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