She flies with her herons on the wings of Isis

The woman we all love so much, Laura Janesdaughter left on the wings of Isis at sunrise. (The priestess with red hair.)

All hail the Hieromum!  All hail Laura. All hail the beloved daughter of Isis, Nepthys and BunniHoTep!

The beloved Arch Druidess has retreated to her Hazelwood Grove.

My heart is breaking and soaring with her at the same time.

One thought on “She flies with her herons on the wings of Isis

  1. On the rim of the world, she is dancing.
    In her bright robe, she is dancing.
    Young and lovely, she is dancing.
    Bringer of vision, she is dancing.
    Dance, Sun maiden, into the sky,
    bringing the day to those who wait for you.

    ~”A Book of Pagan Prayer” by Ceisiwr Serith


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